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Pam first got in contact with the Financial Inclusion Service after her husband of 40 years passed away and she was struggling to manage her finances – her husband had always dealt with the bills and she didn’t know where to start.

Pam had given up work to care for her husband and she was unsure what benefits she might be entitled to once her bereavement allowance came to an end.

As Pam didn’t feel ready to return to work, our Financial Inclusion Team helped her to apply for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), which gave her the breathing space to adjust to her new situation. We also helped her to organise her other bills and set up direct debits, meaning her bills came directly of her account.

After a few months Pam found a part-time job she could take as part of the conditions of her ESA claim and twelve months later she felt ready to increase her hours and return to work full-time. Once again, the Financial Inclusion Service helped Pam to claim Working Tax Credits and helped her adjust to the changes in her income.

Pam said:
“I don’t know what I would have done without Jo and the team. They’ve been such a help and support to me. I still have bad days, especially around Christmas, but I know I can pick up the phone and talk to Jo or another member of the team if I’ve got a problem.”

If you’re having problems paying your bills or need some help to manage your money, visit our website.

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